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Congratulations to the 2015 Rich Earth Piss-Off winners!

Posted by richearth on January 28, 2016

It was Abe’s idea at the Urine Donor Kick Off event last March to start a little friendly competition….who pees the most? We know that each person urinates between 100-150 gallons of urine each year.  That’s quite a discrepancy, don’t you think?  Some people drink liquids all day and pee all day. Some who drink a lot exercise like crazy and sweat like crazy! And some people are not big hydrators. Because of this variation in dilution, and of course, our dietary differences, we get a wide variety of golden colors at the urine depot.

The average reported flushes per person each day are 1 flush for poop and 4 for pee.  But maybe some of the well hydrated individuals actually pee 5 or 6 times a day.  And as some of us know when we get older, we can sometimes have to pee almost every hour!

So, we decided to take a count. Contestants carefully recorded their donation to the Institute each time they arrived at the depot in the Piss Off journal. Fifty-three people participated, collecting more than 3,171 gallons of liquid gold. Fantastic!

Our total metrics for 2015 include approximately 5,000 gallons of liquid gold applied to hay and an estimated 104,000 gallons of water saved.  We calculated the water usage to be for a 1.6 gallon flush toilet.  Some older toilets use even more water each flush, so our estimate is probably low.

At dusk, on December 31st – the Piss- Off journal was scooped from the depot and the columns added up to find out who won.  Judy, John and Elizabeth were our big pissers in the individual category. Takako and Frances, Laura and Betsy, and Iishana and Ananda were leaders in the couples event.  Winners were recognized on January 9th at a breakfast gathering in Brattleboro.

And the 2016 contest is flowing well……….

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