Donate Urine

We have resumed normal urine collection at the depot, and welcome all donations! This year’s goal is an unprecedented 6,000 gallons.

If you want to begin peecycling by donating your urine to the project (and you live near Brattleboro, Vermont) please fill out the form below with “urine donor” in the subject line. Then check out our instructions for collecting urine.

Thanks to our 170 wonderful urine donors last season, we reached our 2013 goal of collecting 3,000 gallons of urine! Most of it was applied at the Fairwinds Farm in our controlled field trials, and the remainder was stored at the Brattleboro wastewater treatment plant and then applied as fertilizer during the 2014 season. Thank you to the Brattleboro Department of Public Works and the staff at the treatment plant for their support and enthusiasm.

We are also helping people to install urine diverting toilet systems in their homes. If you would like to know more about this option, please let us know.


The Urine Brigade

A Committee of the Rich Earth Institute

Collecting urine with a truck