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The Rich Earth Institute recycles urine into fertilizer, eliminating water pollution and supporting sustainable farming.

The Institute conducts original research on the safety and efficacy of urine-derived fertilizer, using its first-in-the-nation facility in southern Vermont to conduct field trials and develop urine processing and handling technologies. In collaboration with academic, industry and government stakeholders, the Rich Earth Institute is pioneering pragmatic, sustainable solutions at the intersection of  agriculture and sanitation.

Applying Urine to a Field Trial



The Rich Earth Institute conducts original research in collaboration with academic and industry leaders, examining the safety and efficacy of using urine-derived fertilizers in agriculture.

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Rich Earth volunteers marching in the Strolling of the Heifers

The Rich Earth Institute has an extensive outreach agenda, educating diverse stakeholders on the science and technology behind this new approach to sanitation.

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Urine recycling does not yet have an established regulatory pathway. The Rich Earth Institute collaborates with regulators at the state and national level to develop new policies, codes, and rules to govern urine based on its unique characteristics.

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UD Summit

2017 Summit Participants

The Rich Earth holds an annual gathering to advance urine recycling through connection and collaboration. A growing national team of experts is building momentum in this emerging field of study […]

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