Our Research Results

Pharmaceutical study

What happens to the medicine in our urine? (2014-present)
In a joint research project with the University of Michigan, University at Buffalo, and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, the Institute has been studying the presence and persistence of pharmaceuticals in urine-derived fertilizers, soils, groundwater, and crop tissues.

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Fertilizer field trials

How well does urine work as a fertilizer? (2011-present)
Abe and Dean
With support from the USDA SARE program, the Institute has conducted four seasons of field trials using urine to fertilize hay.

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Concentrated fertilizer production

How can we reduce the volume of urine for efficient transport? (2015-present)
An adult typically produces 150 gallons (570 liters) of urine each year. This urine contains most of the fertilizer needed to grow a year's worth of food, but its large volume makes it difficult to store and transport to farms where it can be used.

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Urine Recycling

Best Septic
The Urine Nutrient Reclamation Program is the first community-scale urine recycling project in the United States.

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