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Best Septic Services of Westminster Vermont has been collaborating with the Rich Earth Institute since 2012, transporting urine to participating farms. They also rent urine-collecting portable toilets for public events, allowing event organizers to provide odorless toilets that produce fertilizer instead of waste.

When we first approached Jeff and Lisa Ruggiero, owners and operators of Best Septic, they immediately grasped the potential to positively impact the environment by keeping urine out of the sewers and turning it into fertilizer for farms. Since then they have worked to incorporate urine collection into their operational routine, thereby diversifying their business.

This urine-collecting portable toilet is available to rent.

This urine-collecting portable toilet is available to rent.

Since 2013 Seth True, driver for Best Septic, has collected and transported more than 10,000 gallons of urine to participating farms. In addition to the urine delivered by Rich Earth donors to the urine depot, Seth travels a spring and fall route throughout the county pumping out 55 to 250-gallon tanks of urine from homes where people are committed to supporting the project and are collecting their liquid gold at home.

Efficient and economical transport of urine is an essential component of successfully closing the nutrient cycle. Jeff is available to discuss the practical considerations, in terms of equipment and operations, that have enabled Best Septic to provide urine collection and transport services. Featured in the national Pumper Magazine, the Ruggiero team is proud to be a part of this ground breaking project.

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